Access 211 Maine Data

Each month, 211 Specialists field thousands of contacts from individuals looking for resources for themselves or someone they know.

211 tracks de-identified needs across Maine to help inform community planning and assessments. All contacts are confidential and names are never shared through 211 Maine’s reporting.

There are multiple ways to access 211 Maine data:

1. Maine 211 Counts Platform: 211 Counts is a data dashboard to get real-time searchable data in a simple-to-use format. Using 211 Counts, you’ll find a snapshot of community-specific needs displayed by ZIP code or region as recently as yesterday, and can be customized by date. This tool enables you to easily check trends and share information.

To access Maine’s 211 Counts platform, visit

Limitations: This data only goes as far back as September 2018. This data only includes call needs; this does not include text, email, or web usage.

2. 211 Maine Website: Static reports of monthly data are available directly on the 211 Maine website. These reports are broken down by month, year, and county, and share information on the top call needs received by 211 Specialists. Reports go as far back as 2009.

To access these reports, visit and click on the reporting year in the right hand column.

Limitations: This data only includes call needs; this does not include text, email, or web usage.

3. Contact Form Request: Submit your data request through our contact form. Program management will respond and work with you on your reporting needs.

Visit to complete the contact form.

If you use this data in your planning or development efforts, please be sure to reference 211 Maine.

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You need a conversation.

Certain issues are hard to navigate. You’re not alone. 211 Maine can help.

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