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Immigrating to Maine? Talk to a 211 Maine Specialist for referrals regarding relocation and job training for new Mainers.

Qualified Interpreter Directory

Are you interested in how to train to be an interpreter? Or how to register to be in our qualified interpreter directory? Contact us to learn more.

The Qualified Interpreter Directory includes providers who speak over 35 languages. Information is included when available on dates that the interpreters have qualified for Basic Skills of Interpreting, Medical Interpreting and Court Interpreting. For more information, contact the interpreter.

The link to the Interpreter Directory lists the interpreters alphabetically by language and is searchable by city using Control + F.

If you need assistance finding an interpreter, please dial 211 and a Specialist will search the directory for the resource.

Directory Comments

For comments or to be included in our Qualified Interpreter Directory, please contact the 211 Resource Manager at (207) 221-8150 or

If you are interested in other resources for interpreting services, please dial 211 for assistance.


Disclaimer: 211 Maine is not responsible for the quality of the interpreter services provided.

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