About 211 Maine

Need to Talk to Someone? Seeking Local Services & Resources? We Can Help

With hundreds of hotlines and helplines and thousands of programs offering all types of services to help people lead healthy, independent lives, it can be overwhelming to try and find the right phone number or service for you. You are not alone. Every day, thousands of people across Maine turn to 211.

211 is a free, confidential information and referral service that connects people of all ages across Maine to local services. 211 Maine is based in Maine and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our Specialists are trained and friendly; they know we all need help sometimes.

You can reach 211 via phone, text, or email to talk to someone or by searching our online database to find local services.

211 is known as the resource where people go when they don’t know where else to go.

Non-Emergency Services, Family Resources, Health & Financial Assistance

Whether it’s financial assistance, domestic violence, addiction treatment, health care, mental health, or heating and utilities assistance, we will talk to you to find out what you need and walk you through all the options to find the right service or program for you.

Since 2006, 211 Maine has been a statewide service. 211 Maine began as part of the national 211 movement designed to centralize and streamline access to health and human service information and resources with an easy-to-remember universal number and website for non-emergency help.

More Than a Hotline: Help, Information, Privacy

211 Maine is a collaborative effort of the United Ways of Maine, the State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services, and The Opportunity Alliance as the Contact Center Partner.

Together, we ensure people in Maine have access to the information they need to stay safe and healthy.

211 Maine is completely confidential


Opportunity Alliance


Can’t Find What You Need?

Sometimes you need more than an Internet search.
You need a conversation.

Certain issues are hard to navigate. You’re not alone. 211 Maine can help.

Connect with Maine specialists at 211 Maine via phone, text, or email.

You can always reach one of our trained professionals by phone, text or email.

Accessible 24-7 | all languages | completely confidential