Types of Tax Appointments

NOTE: Not all appointment types below are available at each site, so during a call just read the appointment type options that are actually shown on the screen.

Appointment typeAsk the caller…Why choose this?
Scan and go OR Car-sideWould you like to have help scanning your ID and documents at the tax site and then leave? This usually takes about 30 minutes. Once your documents are scanned, a tax preparer will work on your return and follow up with you later over the phone or email.Caller wants least amount of contact but needs help scanning. In some cases, they’ll enter the building. In some cases, they’ll stay in their car.
Drop and go  Would you like to drop your materials off with us so a tax volunteer can get started on your return, then come back later to pick your materials up? We’ll just need to check your ID when you arrive.Caller wants least amount of contact but needs help scanning.
Appointment with investment documents to scan (Fidelity, JP Morgan, Vanguard, etc)Do you have investments like Mutual Funds or stocks where you received a long multi-page statement from the investment house – for instance Vanguard, Fidelity or JP Morgan? You’ll need to bring in all those pages for your appointment. The appointment will probably take about an hour. If you don’t have any paperwork like this, we’ll schedule you for a different appointment.All these pages are hard to scan and Western Maine needs tax-payers to come in to do this in-person.
Return with Business IncomeDo you have business or self-employment income?Some sites can only prepare certain types of business income, so they need to know about this in advance. In addition to checking this box, please ask the caller to call the tax site to follow up immediately after the appointment is made.
In-personWould you like to sit with the tax preparer in person? This usually takes about an hour.Caller wants to meet in-person with the tax preparer. This was the way all appointments operated in the past. Very few sites are offering this because of COVID.
Filing with Business Income? STOP, please call our site for additional screening. Call 207-621-3430Do you have income from a business (for instance, a schedule C?) If so, you’ll need to call the site for additional screening. Here’s the number: 207-621-3430 You can schedule your appointment with them, or call back here to schedule if they approve you.Central Maine CA$H can only prepare certain types of business income, so they need to screen the callers themselves. The caller should hang up and call Central Maine — you cannot help them set up an appointment until Central Maine CA$H screens them.