Opiate Helpline: Getting Help is a Sign of Strength

Asking for help is the first step towards recovering from drug use. If you or someone you know is ready to stop using drugs, 211 Maine can help. In partnership with Maine Department of Health and Human Services, 211 Maine provides a toll-free statewide information and referral helpline for individuals seeking services for opiate use disorder.

While anyone connecting to the Opiate Helpline will speak with a 211 Specialist to identify treatment options and other resources in their area, 211 provides additional assistance to pregnant women.

For pregnant women, 211 Specialists offer resources for help or offer an immediate transfer (known as a warm hand-off) to a service provider.

Everyone contacting the Opiate Helpline is asked permission to be contacted a couple of days later to make sure they were able to access services.

211 Specialists are available at any moment you are ready to ask for help…day, night, weekends.

Dial 211 if you or someone you know is using drugs and is ready to look for treatment or you can text your zip code to “898-211” (TXT-211) and automatically connect with a friendly Maine-based Specialist.

Getting help is a sign of strength.

Can’t Find What You Need?

Sometimes you need more than an Internet search.
You need a conversation.

Certain issues are hard to navigate. You’re not alone. 211 Maine can help.

Connect with Maine specialists at 211 Maine via phone, text, or email.

You can always reach one of our trained professionals by phone, text or email.

Accessible 24-7 | all languages | completely confidential